Years of success in the areas Pinggir Armada has ventured into has blessed the group with the ability – and the financial power – to make the leap into the highly lucrative business of property. Pinggir Armada's leaders have done comprehensive survey and research in regional market, the information has given the group the determination and confidence for continuously investing.

a. Property Investment

Pinggir Armada’s Property Investment arm has and will continue to put down very strong roots by capital appreciation and rental income. Our policy is to actively manage the diverse portfolio by improving the quality of the Group’s interests and properties bringing benefits to the local areas and communities where it operates.


We invest for the long term. Regeneration and job creation is an important feature of what we do and is reflected in our track record. Pinggir Armada has in-house property managers who work closely with major developers for en-bloc and bulk-purchase of new development projects.


Up-to-date, Pinggir Armada has a vast investment portfolio in high-end residential and commercial of over USD25 million.

b. Property Development
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With operations throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Pinggir Armada’s Property Development division plans and brings to life balanced, sustainable communities with a full range of housing, job, and retail centers, schools, recreation, and permanently preserved open spaces. Comprising master planners, community builders, property investors and asset managers, Pinggir Armada is committed to long-term ownership and management of a high-quality portfolio — the breadth and quality of which is unmatched in the industry — with each individual property positioned at the top of its class.


With one thoughtful decision at a time, Pinggir Armada has established a legacy deeply rooted in a commitment to the proven principles of master planning.