Business Process Outsourcing

Both private and public organizations are wrestling with unprecedented challenges: economic uncertainty, market complexity, hyper-competition, changing consumer expectations and regulatory pressures. They are looking to next-generation business process outsourcing (BPO) for solutions.


A new generation of BPO is here, and Pinggir Armada is leading the way. Pinggir Armada offers comprehensive BPO services whose success is rooted in deep experience and knowledge of our clients’ business and industry. We collaborate to help clients define a broader spectrum of performance targets, including measurable business outcomes such as increased sales, better customer satisfaction, increased market share, higher levels of employee engagement and productivity, improved shareholder value and more.

Whatever your business goal, we make it work, with you and for you, bringing a passion for reliability, value and performance. We apply extensive analytics capabilities – using our industry acumen, the data we manage for clients and our knowledge of your organisation to improve your operational engine. By uncovering hidden insights, we generate innovations that result in business growth.


a. Sales & Marketing Services

Our Sales & Marketing BPO Services is a leader in next generation BPO. Unlike traditional sales and marketing techniques and agencies, we can deliver results in the face of several, key emerging challenges – including understanding how to:


  1. Build trust with a customer base that is increasingly well-informed and savvier about its purchasing decisions.

  2. Deliver new ways to reduce costs and drive revenue growth, particularly as digital channels proliferate. These channels, including social media, require new approaches, tools and skills.

  3. Transform the marketing function to create end-to-end processes that are both flexible and have wider reach.

  4. Gain insight into customer behaviour to better prioritize marketing spend and enhance return on investment.


Our services have very clear goals when it comes to our clients: Drive profitable growth; increase revenues organically and to enhance efficient operations.



b. Accounts and Finance Services

CFOs across all industries share a common goal: to create a world-class finance organisation. Today, that means more than an efficient and effective finance organisation. To achieve high performance in a challenging global marketplace, companies are looking to their finance function for insights that will drive business improvement.


Pinggir Armada’s BPO works with clients to deliver business outcomes through analytics, deep industry insight and innovation, in order to drive high performance through next-generation BPO. Our in-depth understanding of how to leverage technology and commitment to drive operational excellence are the foundation of an outsourcing relationship that transforms and energises.



c. Call Centre Services

Pinggir Armada Call Centre Services levels of fulfilment, service assurance and field force services help clients in any industry increase customer satisfaction and profitability. We improve service quality and process efficiency while reducing overall cost and identifying value-add opportunities.


Organisations face the challenge of supporting dramatically increasing costs with flat or declining revenues. They have to build capabilities for next-generation products and services while continuing to operate legacy platforms. Additionally, they must deliver exceptional customer service in an effort to retain market share in the face of existing and emerging competitors.


We have helped clients become high-performance service providers by:

  1. Improving customer satisfaction by 30%.

  2. Achieving quality improvements of between 5% and 10%.

  3. Reducing cycle time by a third while reducing operating costs by 30 – 50%.

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d. Human Resource Services

Pinggir Armada Human Resource Services help businesses maximize the performance of their workforce, organization, and human resources (HR) function to reach new levels of business value.


Ranked as a market leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions, Pinggir Armada delivers end-to-end and integrated talent and HR services, from strategy through execution, offering a distinctive combination of deep functional expertise, industry experience, leading-edge technology architectures, flexible service models and outcome-based delivery at scale.