About Us

Pinggir Armada is a diverse and dynamic company.


Founded in November 1999, Pinggir Armada was formed with the dream of changing the way people communicate. From start-up, Pinggir Armada exploded into the group it is today with hundreds of employees in a span of 15 years.


From a simple, humble analog voice service provider specializing in prepaid calling cards, Pinggir Armada has expanded its business reach into the realms of VoIP, Internet data services, cloud services, property development and is even conducting its own research and development of next-gen communications technology and hardware, spanning throughout the globe with regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Cambodia.


Here at Pinggir Armada we strongly believe, abide and follow through with a few key group principles:

  1. Ethical Conduct – We are honest in our actions and follow through on our commitments.

  2. Exceptional Service – We deliver a best-in-class customer experience. We deliver a best-in-class customer experience. We continuously seek new and better ways to serve our customers.

  3. Employee Engagement – We recruit the best people, provide them with training, advancement opportunities and empower them to become leaders.

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Pinggir Armada is about having the vision to shape not only the communications landscape of the globe but every business venture that we embark on. As the digital divide between analog and digital forms of communication and technology narrows, Pinggir Armada continuously seeks new ways to further narrow that gap. A fully connected globe where analog and digital communications mesh seamlessly with one another – that WAS the Pinggir Armada vision.


We have a vested interest in the future shape of the urban landscape and aim to help create and manage attractive and vibrant cities in which people choose to live and work.


Sustainable growth of the cities in which we have a presence – this is the Pinggir Armada vision.